Badger 900 Vs Badger 15Ss in 2024

The Badger 900 is a higher horsepower garbage disposal compared to the Badger 15SS. Both models come from InSinkErator, though the 900 offers a quicker grinding action.

Garbage disposals are essential appliances in modern kitchens, quietly taking care of food waste and helping to keep sinks clean. The Badger 900 and Badger 15SS, both products of the reputable InSinkErator brand, stand out in the market for their durability and efficiency.

Choosing the right disposal unit can depend on various factors such as grinding power, durability, and noise level. With the Badger series, homeowners get a reliable range of disposals that promise easy installation and effective performance.

While the Badger 900 boasts a more powerful motor that can handle more quantity and tougher waste, the Badger 15SS is popular for its stainless-steel construction and compact design, making it suitable for smaller households that produce less waste.

Understanding the differences between these models is crucial for homeowners looking to make an informed purchase that meets their specific kitchen needs.

Badger 900 Vs Badger 15Ss


Comparing Badger 900 And 15ss

When shopping for a garbage disposal, it’s important to look at specifics. Two popular models are the Badger 900 and the Badger 15SS. Each has its strength, aimed at different kitchen needs.

Let’s dive into a comparison to help you pick the right one for your home.

Core Specifications

The Badger 900 boasts a compact design tailored for standard homes. It manages everyday food waste effortlessly. The Badger 15SS, on the other hand, combines durability with high function.

It’s designed to tackle larger amounts of waste without a hiccup.

FeatureBadger 900Badger 15SS
Motor Speed3/4 HP3/4 HP
Grind Chamber Capacity26 oz26 oz
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Warranty6 years7 years
Mounting SystemQuick LockQuick Lock

Motor Capabilities

  • Both models feature a powerful 3/4 horsepower motor, making them reliable for daily use.
  • The Badger 900 runs at 1725 RPM, ideal for grinding common kitchen scraps.
  • The Badger 15SS also operates at 1725 RPM but with added insulation for quieter performance.

Considering the motor capabilities reveals that both disposals handle waste with vigor. The choice comes down to personal preference regarding noise level and warranty length.

Design And Installation

The Badger 900 and the Badger 15SS garbage disposals offer distinct design features and intuitive installation processes. Choosing the right unit for your kitchen involves considering its size, build quality, and how seamlessly it will integrate with your existing plumbing.

Let’s explore each aspect in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

Size And Build

The Badger 900 is known for its compact design, making it an ideal choice for smaller spaces. Its dimensions are optimal for easy under-sink installation. Crafted with durable materials, it promises longevity. The Badger 15SS boasts a slightly larger build. This caters to users requiring more power and capacity.

Both models feature a galvanized steel grinding system, ensuring robust performance.

Ease Of Integration

When it comes to integrating garbage disposal into your kitchen, convenience reigns supreme. Fortunately, both Badger models offer Quick Lock sink mounts. This design simplifies the installation process. Simply twist off the old unit and twist on the new one.

Both models also come with a clear instruction manual. They have an accessible design for DIY enthusiasts. No special tools are required, which further streamlines the setup process.

Below is a table that simplifies the comparison:

FeatureBadger 900Badger 15SS
Build QualityGalvanized SteelGalvanized Steel
InstallationQuick Lock MountQuick Lock Mount

Both models boast features that encourage hassle-free integration with most kitchen sinks. Make sure to follow the provided guidelines to enjoy a swift and smooth setup experience.

The final step of the installation is to plug the unit into an electrical outlet or hardwire it into your home’s electric system according to your preferences.

Performance Metrics

Choosing between the Badger 900 and the Badger 15SS garbage disposals involves understanding their ability to grind and prevent jams. Below we compare their performance in detail to help you decide the best option for your kitchen sink.

Grinding Technology

The Badger 900 boasts an efficient 3/4 horsepower motor. It grinds food waste into tiny particles, ensuring a smooth flow through your pipes.

In contrast, the Badger 15SS comes with a robust 3/4 horsepower motor as well. The difference lies in the grind components. The 15SS model features stainless steel parts, promising a long-lasting grinding performance.

ModelMotor PowerGrinding Components
Badger 9003/4 HPDurable Galvanized Steel
Badger 15SS3/4 HPStainless Steel

Jam Prevention

The Badger 900 is known for its jam-resistant capabilities. It features a torque-heavy motor that tackles tough food scraps effectively.

The Badger 15SS takes jam prevention a step further. Its stainless steel grinding elements resist corrosion, helping prevent jams before they happen. Plus, it comes with a manual reset feature, making it easy to manage the rare jam without a hassle.

  • Badger 900: Torque-Heavy Motor, Less Jams
  • Badger 15SS: Stainless Steel Components, Manual Reset

Durability And Maintenance

Choosing a garbage disposal like the Badger 900 or Badger 15SS requires a good look at durability and maintenance. How long will your disposal last? What kind of care will it need? Both elements are crucial to making a smart, lasting investment for your kitchen. Let’s delve deeper.

Material Quality

The materials used in your garbage disposal can greatly affect its lifespan. Both the Badger 900 and 15SS models are built to last, but with some notable differences:

FeatureBadger 900Badger 15SS
ConstructionDurable plastic and stainless steelAll stainless steel grind components
Warranty6 years3 years

The Badger 15SS’s all-stainless steel grind components beat the Badger 900’s mixed construction, providing enhanced durability.

Cleaning And Upkeep

Maintenance is key to ensuring your disposal runs without hitches. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Regular cleaning will prevent odors and clogging.
  • Both models can be cleaned with simple DIY methods.
  • Frequent use keeps blades sharp and efficient.
  • Both units require minimal maintenance.

The Badger 900 and 15SS are user-friendly, and designed for easy DIY solutions to common issues.

User Experience

The User Experience with any home appliance defines its place in our daily routine. When comparing the Badger 900 to the Badger 15ss garbage disposals, user experience takes center stage.

You want a disposal that works efficiently and meshes well with your kitchen’s demands. Let’s explore what consumers think about these two models and the kind of support they can expect post-purchase.

Consumer Ratings

Insights from real users paint a vivid picture of a product’s performance. The Badger 900 garners praise for its powerful grinding capabilities. Families note its efficiency with daily kitchen waste.

On the flip side, the Badger 15ss stands out for its durability and quieter operation. Users appreciate these features, especially in open-concept homes where noise travels.

ModelPerformanceNoise LevelRatings
Badger 900HighModerate4.5/5
Badger 15ssConsistentLower4.2/5

Warranty And Support

Knowing that help is available when needed offers peace of mind to users.

The Badger 900 comes with a 3-year in-home warranty; a professional will fix issues at no extra cost. The Badger 15ss offers a longer 6-year in-home warranty, reflecting its reliable build. Both models include friendly customer service, accessible through phone or email.

  • Badger 900: 3-year warranty, with in-home service.
  • Badger 15ss: 6-year warranty, with in-home service.

Refer to the warranty documents for each model to understand the coverage details. Contact the support team whenever you face issues with your unit. They are ready to assist with troubleshooting and repairs.

Badger 900 Vs Badger 15Ss


Cost Considerations

Understanding the cost is crucial when choosing between the Badger 900 and the Badger 15SS garbage disposals. Let’s compare the initial investment and long-term value of both models.

This helps make a smart choice for your home.

Initial Investment

The Badger 900 and Badger 15SS come with different price tags.

ModelPrice Range
Badger 900Higher upfront cost
Badger 15SSMore affordable initially

Price plays a major role in decision-making. Look at the features alongside the cost. Consumers should consider their budget. This impacts the initial investment in either garbage disposal unit.

Long-term Value

A cost-efficient disposal saves money over time. Consider energy consumption, durability, and maintenance.

  • Badger 900 is known for its longer lifespan and less frequent repairs.
  • Badger 15SS requires lower energy and minimizes impact on utility bills.

Think about the expenses after the purchase. These include installation costs, potential repairs, and energy use. Durable parts in the Badger 900 could mean fewer replacements down the line. The Badger 15SS’s efficient operation can reduce monthly bills. The right choice balances initial costs with future savings.

Badger 900 Vs Badger 15Ss


FAQs For Badger 900 Vs Badger 15Ss

Which Is More Powerful, Badger 900 Or 15ss?

The Badger 900 has a more powerful 3/4 HP motor, compared to the Badger 15S’s 1/2 HP. This translates to the Badger 900 handling tougher food scraps more efficiently.

Can Badger 15ss Handle Daily Kitchen Use?

Yes, the Badger 15Ss, with its 1/2 HP motor, is designed for reliable daily kitchen use. It’s suited for small to medium-sized households.

What’s The Difference In Noise Level Between The Two Models?

The Badger 900 is slightly louder due to its higher-powered motor. However, Insinkerator has designed both to operate with minimized noise.

Do Both Disposers Fit In A Standard Kitchen Sink Setup?

Both the Badger 900 and 15Ss are designed to be compatible with standard kitchen sink setups, ensuring easy installation or replacement.


Choosing between the Badger 900 and the Badger 15SS boils down to individual needs and preferences. Each offers reliability and efficient waste disposal but caters to different demands. It’s a matter of kitchen habits and space specifications that will guide your decision.

Regardless of which you pick, a hassle-free kitchen awaits.

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